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Athens Airport Parking

Parking at the airport is the concern of most of the people. Public places must have wide parking areas and best facilities so that they can easily complete the necessary formalities and procedures, without getting themselves involved into parking hassle or tension. The importance of parking facilities is considered by the administration of Athens airport and hence it has facilitated the clients with the help of short term and long term parking. There are three major parking areas which aim at different segments and the customer interested in the required services must needs to get information beforehand. Customers must also notice that the parking charges at the airport vary, depending upon the time duration in which the services are required.

Short term parking of the airport provides solutions to the people who want to park their cars for almost a day. Parking charges up to first twenty minutes are free for the customers and therefore, the people who want to drop off their guests and dear ones at the airport can be facilitated by these services. If a person wants to park a car for almost a day, then the price charges vary up to twenty five Euros per day. The long term parking facilities are also very cheap and the customers can easily park their cars for six to seven days for almost fifty Euros. The price charges vary depending upon the additional facilities selected by the customers.

Velvet parking is one of the best offers from the airport that is aimed at business executives. Price charges for utilizing the services are higher as compared to the short term and long term parking facilities; however a person can remain tension free after parking a car in this area. People can find the short term parking at the airport right next to arrival halls. The access to long term parking is also very easy and it is facilitated by the shuttle bus services of the airport.